Wedding Photos and Albums

Informal shot of a bride in the back of an open top car.
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I usually shoot a selection of formal and informal scenes.
Picture ©Paul Allen

All your photographs are taken using a high resolution digital camera, and the printing of the pictures is entrusted to a high quality professional laboratory.

The end result is a selection of pin sharp prints with rich, glowing colours and a subtle,lustrous finish.

Typically, I will take about 200 photographs, and approximately 100 to 150 of these will be offered to you in a preview album. The price we have earlier agreed will usually include about 36 of these shots.

The preview photographs and the final prints are 8 x 6 inches in size.

Additional reprints are always available at a very reasonable price, and you won't be pressured to order before a certain deadline, giving you plenty of opportunity to gather in requests from friends and relatives.

If you have different requirements regarding the numbers, sizes and presentation of photos then of course we can design a package to suit.


It's always nice to have enlargements of a few particularly significant or admired pictures, and these are available in a range of sizes up to and including 'huge'.

Wedding Albums

A good Wedding Album is essential to protect and display your wedding photographs to the best advantage.

This is the Wedding Album you will keep for the rest of your life, so it's worth making a careful choice now.

Here are some typical wedding albums. Click to enlarge:

You'll have the opportunity to inspect samples of various Spicer Hallfield wedding albums, in the comfort of your own home. A few examples are shown in the pictures above. Many others are available. These albums are of excellent quality, built for durability and attractive appearance. Some of the designs are hand made, and the Spicer Hallfield range includes something to suit all budgets.

As well as the main Wedding Album, parents often want their own album of pictures.

Your finished Wedding Albums will be delivered with your chosen photographs carefully mounted inside.

The Wedding Book - a contemporary variation on the traditional photo album

As an alternative, or in addition to, your traditional Wedding Album of photographs, I also offer the personalised Wedding Book.

It's a stylishly presented, lavishly printed book containing stunning memories of your big day.

Take a look at my Wedding Book page for a full description and numerous illustrations.

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