Wedding Photography with a difference

Here is a selection of formal and informal pictures taken at recent weddings.

Thanks to the pre-wedding site survey I am able to take full advantage of the local features and natural backdrops. And because we have already established a rapport before the wedding, the bride and groom can feel relaxed and confident while the photos are taken.

This will be one of the most important days of your life, but it is also a day to enjoy and to have fun. I try to capture all of the different moods and moments throughout the day.

Beautiful and Elegant Wedding Moments

Here are some typical photographs from recent weddings. Click to enlarge:

Relaxing and Intimate Wedding Moments

Capturing some less formal moments:

Fun and Cute Wedding Moments

Candid, unexpected and funny photos sometimes turn out to be the most treasured of all:

Picture Quality

No computer screen can do justice to a beautiful 8 x 6 inch colour print with rich colours and pin sharp focus. Please bear that in mind when you view these web page pictures. They have been reduced and compressed so the page downloads quickly.


Please don't download and use these images elsewhere. They are NOT, repeat NOT in the public domain. The people in the photos have kindly agreed to have their pictures published on this website as a favour to Paul Allen. The images are all © Paul Allen of Paul Allen Wedding Photography. If you have any questions about the images, please contact Paul Allen.

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