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Simple, elegant and stunning. I'm sure you'll agree!
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Happy memories are priceless, and wedding photographs are all about memories.

Transport yourself thirty years into the future. Where will you be? What twists and turns will your life have taken?

Now imagine browsing through your wedding album.

It's full of priceless memories of relatives and friends. Your proud parents, perhaps, enjoying one of the most thrilling days of their lives. Aged relatives - sadly no longer with us - beaming with delight. Small children - adults now - dressed up to the nines. Good friends from long ago. Where are they now? And - centre stage - you and your partner enjoying your exhilarating day.

Sentimental? Of course! That's the whole point.

It is your wedding photographs that bring the happy memories flooding back.

How do you place a value on priceless memories?

Individual pricing to suit your requirements

At Paul Allen Wedding Photography my prices are tailored to your requirements. I won't try and shoehorn you into an inflexible 'standard package'.

Every wedding is a unique occasion with unique requirements and I'm sure you have some ideas about what you want. It's my job to try and crystallize your ideas into a firm plan of action, adding my own suggestions along the way.

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I like to make good use of natural backgrounds.
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Once we've agreed on your exact requirements I'll propose a realistic price and explain the costs of any optional or additional items.

I won't be the cheapest quote you receive, but I won't be the most expensive either.

Look beyond the price

Just remember what you're asking me to do: it's my job to record your priceless memories for posterity. When you look at it that way, price should not be the deciding factor! It's getting results that really takes priority.

The level of service I provide as standard, including detailed discussions prior to the wedding and thorough Site Surveys of the actual venues, means that the value for money I offer is beyond compare.

Choosing your wedding photographer is an important decision, but you're in safe and skilful hands with Paul Allen.

To get the ball rolling, why not give me a call and outline your initial thoughts, then we'll take it from there. There's no hard sell and you won't be pressured, so please don't hesitate to call. My phone number is 020 8289 2244.

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