Pre-Wedding Site Survey

Bride and groom inside the Registry Office.
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At the Registry Office.
Picture ©Paul Allen

Very few Wedding Photographers go to the trouble of visiting the wedding venues with the bride and groom well in advance of the wedding day.

I do. It's a key feature of my service.

Perhaps you are not aware, but it is common practice for many photographers to turn up only on the wedding day itself - a virtual stranger, unaware of your specific requirements and quite possibly unfamiliar with the location.

For a once in a lifetime occasion it seems only sensible to plan ahead thoroughly and leave as little to chance as possible. And that is the purpose of the site survey.

The benefits of a site survey

Every location is different, with its own advantages and drawbacks.

The site survey allows us to discuss the best locations and angles for all the main shots, taking into consideration the direction of the sun, the layout of the buildings and their grounds, any notable architectural or landscape features or any particularly scenic backdrops.

Scottish military pipers wearing kilts flank a happy couple in St James's Park in London during a military wedding.
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St James's Park in London acts as scenic backdrop for this noisy military wedding!
Picture ©Paul Allen

The unpredictability of the English weather can also be planned for to some extent. If it rains, where will we relocate the main pictures? If that scenic grassy area turns to mud, what is the next best alternative?

Within the buildings themselves, it is helpful to know the layout, the lighting conditions, and to identify any distinctive features. Also important is the policy governing photography within the building, if any.

By taking the trouble to consider all these factors we can remove as much uncertainty as possible, allowing you to enjoy your wedding confident in the knowledge that the photography is well and truly under control.

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